What is Domena EMC?

What is Domena EMC?


Domena EMC

The term EMC means Electronic Mineral Control, and is the Domena method of ensuring that none of its steam generator presses and iron products using this system have any scale related problems.

How it operates is straight forward.

All water in the reservoir must pass through a de-scaling resin contained in an integral cartridge. In time, the effectiveness of this resin will decrease.

As the water leaves the reservoir, and before it is drawn into the pump, the hardness of the water is continuously monitored.

This is done by measuring the electrical resistance, ane if the reading is too high (i.e. if the water is becoming unacceptably hard because the resin is no onger effective), then a warning signal will flash.

This is to alert the user that the cartridge needs to be changed. If this warning flashing red light is ignored, then the steam generation system will shut itself down. I can then only be restarted by replacing the cartridge.

However, the iron / press will still continue to operate, but as a dry iron / press only.

There are imilar systems to this used by other manufacturers, but as of the current time, only the Domena EMC system shuts itself down, and so Domena is the only manufacturer to offer a 6 years anti-scale warranty against any scale related problems.