SP4400 with Finishing Table

SP4400 with Finishing Table

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Domena SP4400 Steam Generator Ironing Press

  • Steam ready in 3 minutes
  • Steam output 120 g/min - Booster function 200 g/min
  • Electrical safety: if the press plugged in and closed about 10 seconds, the electrical heating is automatically cut off
  • Removable water reservoir with level indicator. Capacity 0,75 litre
  • Can be re-filled at any time giving uninterrupted ironing
  • Type of water: tap water or demineralised water
  • Anti-scale cartridge
  • Automatic protection against scale with indicator (EMC) Click here for information on EMC
  • Heating plate temperature pilot light
  • Adjustable temperature thermostat
  • Anodized heating plate
  • Tilted moulded aluminium table: 68 x 25 cm
  • Tilted table for better viewing and easier layout of the linen
  • Automatic opening
  • Wide-angle opening for an easier setting of bulky pieces of linen
  • Locking latch for transport
  • Pressing cushion

The finishing table provides significantly increased ironing surface and makes the folding of the linen much easier, especially for large items. Lift the table upwards and you can fold your linen. Putting back into ironing position is easy.
Linen is folded out of heating space so risk of burning is avoided as the hands are away from the heating plate.

Your press can be stored away easily if the finishing table is folded back under the press.
The press can be stored anywhere and will not require more space than usual.
If, for any reason, you do not fold your linen but prefer to put them on hangers, the finishing table can easily be unclipped from the press.


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